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Berzerker Mode started with brothers Jason "Heat Myzer" Griffith and Chris "Freeze Myzer" Griffith in 2005. What began as 2 brothers rapping together on road trips or at parties, slowly transitioned into a passion. With no connections or knowledge of how to record, the brothers set out to record their first project "The Invasion of the Caucasian" in a very creative and ambitious direction. They created all their beats using a Playstation 2 and such innovated beat producing games as MTV Music Generator and Digital Hitz Factory. They recorded the songs on their friends front porch using a stereo, 1 microphone, a PS2 and recorded onto a cassette tape. Any mistakes while recording resulted in the brothers having to re-record a song. They had to perform their 1st project completely LIVE.

Though "The Invasion" was very rough and low quality, it was well received. Leading the brothers to move forward and seek out guidance and better ways to record. After a brief time they started their next project "Berzerker Mode MixTape Vol. 1." This mixtape really showed the brothers improvement and understanding of what they wanted in their own sound. This project not only had better quality and sounded better than their first project, but their songs were highly received by their peers and other local artists. Soon the brothers were doing multiple shows weekly and even sometimes daily!

Almost 2 years after releasing their first mixtape, the Myzer brothers released their second mixtape "Berzerker Mode MixTape Vol. 2 - Myzers & Madmen." Recorded and mastered by Jason "Heat Myzer" Griffith himself, this would be the last project the Myzer brothers released together as Berzerker Mode. The mixtape was well received by their peers and local artists. Chris "Freeze Myzer" Griffith left Berzerker Mode to follow his own path and Jason "Heat Myzer" Griffith continued to represent the Berzerker Mode name while working as a solo artist and host of several local hiphop events in Indianapolis for a brief period.

In late 2011 Jason "Heat Myzer" Griffith and Kevin "K. Wilz" Callahan joined forces to become the new Berzerker Mode. They immediately started writing new music and performing almost nightly with a new and refreshing vigor.

From 2011-2013 K. Wilz and Heat Myzer set out to establish the new Berzerker Modes name while working on their first album behind the scenes. With help from their good friend Justin "8" Sutton of Planetofthe8Studios, they finished their first album "Bum Poetry" in early 2014 shortly after they signed with DurtiMyndz Entertainment.

Berzerker Mode has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such artists as Potluck, Project Pat, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Glasses Malone, Do or Die, Layzie Bone, Haystak, JellyRoll, Afroman, Lil Wyte, King Gordy, Lil Eazy-E and more!

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