DamneDNatioN starting writing and preparing in 1999 (first established as Concussion and soon changed their name to a more fitting DamneDNatioN). The 1st album (self-titled) was finished in 2002 (sold strictly underground style), and followed up with The f1rST supper in about 2004 (took about 2 yrs on that one bc they felt that they wanted to take their time on everything) and did a number of smaller shows to get a foot in.  
 In 2005, they did their 1st big show with King Gordy, Psycho Jesus and other localers & it took off from there.  
 In between shows, they have been recording or other things based around music 2 music videos which you can find on youtube.  
 In 2006 and 2007, DamneDNatioN started working on solo material during the time of recording new music together. Both artists have personal pages for those tracks, and they have also been performing these solo tracks variously throughout concert performances, giving each show a completely different set list and a new feel at each show.  
 DamneDNatioN took some time in 2007 and on, to work at haunted houses in Indianapolis for YEARS, making new connections each year in the horror scene while scaring the crap out of children..  
 Upon releasing new music from 2008 and so on, they still continued to perform at a great amounts of shows (artists listed below of whom they did shows with)  
 From 2009 and up the quality of their music has shifted from decent to crystal clear. The years to come were that to be proud of.  
 In 2010, the plan of getting an LLC was in place to start their own label and it finally happened in 2011 so from then on DBR had started accomplishing more and gained a couple extra artists on the roster. In 2013 music videos for DamneDNatioN's "Wasps in my Brain" and Highly Xplicit's "Church Burners" feat. Mr. Lokust & DamneDNatioN was filmed...during this time however, some things had become problems due to some individuals dropping the ball in the DBR camp so to speak....so in 2013, DBR had been put to rest.  
 2013 was still filled with good shows and good music, but a new home was needed for the 2 sick fuckers. They (and some fellow artists) decided that it was waaay overdue for DamneDNatioN to join forces with Shadow Walkaz Ent. in late 2014.  
 In 2015. New music was still happening and they started booking shows at Green Hell, which is a 3 level venue that has been converted from a funeral home.  
DamneDNatioN & the rest of Shadow Walkaz Ent. at this time merged with 3rd Shift Ent. & D.I.E 
There was a lot to work on and the mission was to bring 3SE back with a vengence, but differences were there and it was too little too late. 

Looking for the perfect home can be discouraging but patience can be a virtue. 

Macula & The Wampthing have always been heavily influenced by a wide majority of music and have pushed themselves through the years, always to sound unlike any others. The delivery factor between the 2 artists have ALWAYS been unique and unmatched to anything else in the state. They dont sound like every other hip hopper in the city.  

With horror concepts laced over dark club beats or sinister sounds, Macula and The Wampthing have raised the bar for themselves consistently for at least 13 yrs.  

April 25th 2016 marks the day that we were announced on Durtimyndz Ent. and things are a lot better for them. On the agenda, is repressing the latest LP "Illuminated" with updated packaging, as well as the LP they are currently working on entitled "Don't come down here!" 

***Artists that DamneDNatioN has done shows with:  
Potluck, Glasses Malone, J Hornay, Lil Wyte, Scum (X4), Smallz One, Mastamind (X2), Dark Half, Leaders of the Lost, Mars, Polk Frost, King Gordy (X3), Esham (X2), ABK, Dj Clay (X2), Boondox, Lo Key, Zug Izland, Twisted Insane, Stitch Mouth, Psycho Jesus, Razakel, Blaze ya dead homie, A.X.E, Majik Duce, Damien Quinn 


***DamneDNatioN are also a part of an underground movement-naturally named "Slaughterahs United" along with Bloodshot and many more from across the nation. 

We are officially part of Durtimyndz Ent. and very happy with our new home. Be expecting more music, more videos and other unique things in the very near future. 

Stay posted and thank you for your support.  


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