Our Story

Magnum Opus is a two man group from Indianapolis, Indiana that produce, record, write, and engineer Music. Shinobi and Namahs started their careers in 2004 with a label created by Justin Sutton named Haunted House Records (HHR). Namahs started his career with co-management and heavy promotion through out his time in high school, as well as Indianapolis. Shinobi went by the name Death Wish during the Haunted House era and recorded two albums with HHR. Originally Buried Inside was a 12 track album released Jan 2005 followed by Audio Mercenary in 2007 Haunted House Records had its last show in Oct of 2007. Shinobi created the Name Magnum Opus Ent as a music Label on January 4, 2010. Later that month, He welcomed Namahs and his group Conniption to the label. They immediately started working on music together. They recorded roughly 20 songs in 2010 and released 100 copies. Eventually, Magnum Opus went from a four man record label to a two man group. Magnum Opus generally makes hard core rap and has been known to create a hybrid of rap mixed with rock and metal. Although, that is their strong suit, they also like to be diverse. They have been known to venture into different genres like pop and R&B, because enjoy experimenting with the development of music with no particular genre in mind in attempt to create something new and original

Magnum Opus Featuring Geno Cultshit of Dark Half